Since 1996, from a medium-sized Italian player, "single-country and single-product", Cementir Holding has become a multinational company with a global presence and a diversified business portfolio of white and grey cement, concrete and aggregates.

Our international growth path

Since 1996 we have increased EBITDA about twenty times without any capital increase. All our growth was supported by the operating cash flow. We have successfully diversified our portfolio both geographically and by product, adding to our core business of cement an important presence in aggregates and concrete. We also invested in green technologies and renewable resources, creating an active business in the waste business, serving the energy needs of our cement plants

We have become a global player through investments and acquisitions of over 1.7 billion euros. In recent years we have significantly strengthened our business portfolio, acquiring CCB in Belgium in 2016, selling manufacturing activities in Italy in 2018 and then acquiring the majority of LWCC in the United States, the richest and most promising white cement market in the world.

Our competitive position has come out stronger, thanks also to our leading positions in Denmark and Belgium, where we are first and third respectively in cement and concrete production, and in Turkey, where we are among the main international cement producers.

Main transactions undertaken since 2001

Company Acquisition/Divestment Country Year EV €M Date Document
Ege Kirmatas Acquisition Turkey 2021 4.0 23-Nov-21 Not available
Lehigh White Cement LLC Acquisition USA 2018 87 14-Feb-18 Press release
Cementir Italia, Betontir, Cementir Sacci SpA Divestment Italy 2017 315 19-Sept-17 Press release
Compagnie des Ciments Belges SA Acquisition Belgium, France 2016 312 25-Jul-16 Press release
Sacci SpA Acquisition Italy 2015 125 29-Dec-15 Press release
Aalborg Portland Malaysia Divestment (30% stake) Malaysia 2012 22.6 03-Dec-12 Press release
Neales Waste Management Holdings Ltd Acquisition United Kingdom 2012 11 04-Jul-12 Press release
Kudsk & Dahl A/S Acquisition Denmark 2008 21 03-Mar-08 Press release
Elazig Cimento SA Acquisition Turkey 2006 91.7 01-Aug-06 Press release
4K-Beton A/S* Acquisition Denmark 2005 10* 12-Dec-05 Press release
Aalborg Poland Spzoo * Divestment Polonia 2005 ND 12-Dec-05 Press release
Edirne plant Acquisition Turkey 2005 138.8 10-Oct-05 Press release
Vianini Pipe Inc Acquisition USA 2005 12 30-Jun-05 Press release
Aalborg Portland and Unicon A/S Acquisition Denmark 2004 572 12-Aug-04 Press release
Cimentas and Cimbeton Acquisition Turkey 2001 254 10-Sept-01 Not available

* Sale of Poland and purchase of 4K-Beton determined a Euro 10 million net cash outlay for Cementir Group.

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